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I.M. Chibi by thelakotanoid1
I.M. Chibi
a chibi version of the the famous I.M. Meen 

i used chibi maker to do this. i still dont have a scanner or a tablet so i sadly cant do much of my own stuff as of now.

hello everyone, out of curiosity and for fun, i decided to do some research and dig to the bottom of the barrel to find the worst weapons in team fortress 2. i decided to go with 1 weapon per class accept for the NO.1 worst weapon. also, this list is purely based on stats, versability, and functionality, and not appearance. i will also not include weapons that are situational but dont add debuffs like the 3rd degree and stock weps. so, lets get started ;)

(disclaimer: not every weapon is very bad here and some have there moments as this is 1 per class also for the stats i will directly quote the official wiki for ones with shorter text, and ill sum it up with more complex weapon stats)

10: sun on a stick: (scout) This weapon delivers 25% less damage than the default Bat, but guarantees a critical hit whenever a player strikes a burning enemy with it.

the reason this is so bad is because it's too situational to ever function properly. the only way to use this weapon to its finest is if you happen to be a scout pocketing acouple pyros and trying to take the assist in there kills. also is the fact that as a scout there are far better weapons for dealing damage and status such as the krit-a-cola and the sandman. and although has differences, is basically an Axtinguisher in disguise. showing that some weapons are fine for 1 class but cant be used well on another.

9: pain train: (soldier) it makes you cap points at the same rate as a scout but you take 20% more bullet damage.

again, this weapon does have its moments when pared with the escape plan on maps like foundry, but in the end, this is the only weapon i can think of that actively limits its buff to a single gamemode. and as one is more likely to play ctf or payload maps, using this just makes you a sitting duck allot of the time in the field.

8: homewrecker/maul: (pyro) does 100% more damage to buildings and removes sappers but does 25% less damage to players.

again, they have there moments, and the reason they're here is because there's another weapon that does the job better, the neon annihilator. sure they have diffrences and neon takes 2 hits to remove a sapper and not 1, but the neon can be used in more situations and deals slightly more damage then the homewrecker. if you're a pyro destroying buildings, you're more likely to burn it then punch it, and its only really ever used to remove the occasional sapper that somehow got past you buring the spy. and the fact that the neon can also be used for some fun recreations of the movie JAWS.

7: Claidheamh Mòr: (demoman) your shield recharges 0.5 sec faster, but you cant deal random crits and you have a 15% health penalty.

sure it was made for the shields and the shields only, but the reason it's here is because there are so many better options to use that dont have as bad as a debuff such as the skullcutter and the eyelander. besides, have you ever seen this sword's kill icon? honestly?

6: Fists of Steel: (heavy) While this weapon is active, it reduces damage from all sources that are not melee-based, be they hitscan or projectile, by 40%. As a downside, all melee attacks against the Heavy will deliver double damage when this weapon is active, and all weapon switches made by the player will take 20% longer.

lets all be honest, if a heavy is punching you at point blank for some reason, would you A: shoot him with you gun even though it's not  super effective other then a shotgun, or B: hit him with your melee weapon for more damage and possibly status? (this is another weapon that's kill icon is rarely seen...)

5: Eureka Effect: (engineer) allows you teleport to spawn and you exit portal instantly at the cost of repairing your buildings and upgrading them at half the speed.

now we're getting to the good stuff here! this weapon is basically like a cross between the tortoise and the hare. as it lets you got to spawn and back instantly to set up buildings faster, but at the same time is practically useless when actually getting set up unless another engie is making your stuff for you to make up for your slack. and besides, most engie nests tend to be close to ammo kits and health packs or use a dispenser, so why are you going to spawn again?

4: overdose: (medic) This weapon deals 10% less damage to enemies than the default Syringe Gun. However, as the Medic builds up his ÜberCharge, his movement speed will increase by 1% for every 10% of ÜberCharge gained, for a total increase of 10% at 100% ÜberCharge. This bonus only applies when the Overdose is the active weapon.

hands down most pointless weapon in all of existence. i only have 2 things to say about this one, 1st off, why have a weapon that makes you go 10% with such extreme conditions when you're already the 2nd fastest class and the quickfix, A MEDIGUN, does the job 10X better!? 2nd off, that 10% damage reduction can often mean life or death as a medic if someone is on your tail. the crusader's crossbow and Blutsauger are way better weapons for combat and mobility then this dinky thing.

3: Shahanshah: (sniper) This weapons functions to reward players at the cost of risk. When the player's health is equal to or above 50% of the maximum, the Shahanshah will deal 25% less damage than the Kukri. However, should the player have less than 50% of their max health, the weapon will deal 25% more damage.

other then having the most annoying weapon name in all of existence, as a sniper, the game is usually have full health or be killed cause once you're spotted, targeted, and attacked, its you kill them fast or you're nothing but gibs. this weapon would be more useful on a class like the heavy, scout, soldier ext. but snipers dont usually have less then full health and have no reason to deliberately keep there health lower for a little extra damage unlike some classes like the soldier.

2: Big Earner (spy) Equipping this weapon reduces the max health of the user by 25, lowering the Spy's overall health to 100. However, killing an enemy with this weapon, either with a backstab or regular melee attack, will fill the Cloak meter by 30%, regardless of which cloaking device is equipped.

i'll be honest, not much can be said about this weapon other then the fact that a revolver (the L'Etranger) does the job better, from a safer distance, and without the drawback. plus you get cloak back anyways most of the time on kill doe to the weapon your target drops.

and finally...

                             NO.1 WORST WEAPON IN TEAM FORTRESS 2
                                   the Razorback: (sniper)

blocks a single spy from backstabbing you and cant be recharged, you must go the the resupply locker to get a new one.

OMFG! im surprised this thing has never been has never been tweaked! this thing takes your 2nd slot where you can use something 10X more useful (AKA any other f*cken thing) but you only use it once. at close range, a sniper is normally dependent on his 2nd slot for extra health, fast damage, or crit piss, but this weapon limits you to melee only or aimlessly shooting your gun as any spy can easily pick you off with a revolver and most likely will. no spy with half a brain would ever backstab a razorback unless he/she's trolling around. they're more likely to shoot you in the back of the head then conga on your grave before you can react. plus the thing's so clunky that any spy can see you have it on from a mile away. and this is why you have no reason to ever use thing thing unless you feel like wasting a weapon slot.
playing Omega Ruby (just got it today) i was looking for a ralts to put on my team and i found a shiny zigzagoon by chance! i wish i knew how to take a screenshot! if i did ill post a picture later ;)

he's a male zigzagoon, i named him crusader, ill use him for EV training ;)
Spore Creation: Debug Squid by thelakotanoid1
Spore Creation: Debug Squid
this isnt the real debug squid, it's my recreation of it. it has a hidden mouth in the back so you can use it as a creature.

if you dont know, the debug squid was the very first spore creation ever created by will wright as a test. however it's impossible to trully recreate or use because its tentacles are actually the creature's spine split up in 5 ways. the tentacles themselves are also in the shape of the spore logo and some theories say that the debug squid is actually spode. but it's just a theory so im not gonna influence you on it in any way.
playing Omega Ruby (just got it today) i was looking for a ralts to put on my team and i found a shiny zigzagoon by chance! i wish i knew how to take a screenshot! if i did ill post a picture later ;)

he's a male zigzagoon, i named him crusader, ill use him for EV training ;)


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adventurer, explorer, treasure hunter, most epic minecraft user ever, all words used to describe me! hello, i'm thelakotanoid1, but you can all call me thelak, i make many different things i like 2 show u pplz, i make minecraft fanart, custom skins, and working on 8-bit sprite art , my computer is crap so i cant get gimp or any good programs till i get a new one :/, so till then all i got is windows paint. but if u got anything 2 say please say it. any suggestions for minecraft skins, please let me know and i'll think about making it , got server ip's please post it and i'll give it a look :). i'm also working on a comic called "PRINCESS OF THE END" with blueshadow54, a good friend of mine.

p.s. please give me credit if u use my skins, thanks :)

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