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five nights at freddy's 4 has been confirmed by thelakotanoid1
five nights at freddy's 4 has been confirmed
time to wait around and shit my pants when it releases

(as a side note, i've brightened up the home page image to see what scott left for us, it seems there's the hidden word "nightmare" this could be in reference to the nightmare mode in fnaf 3 meaning it's gonna be really hard or it could be this game will give you nightmares, idk. i've also edited the contrast/shading and im not sure what it means, but i might have found something next to the title. i've also been taking a close look at the image and i think this game happens after FNAF 3 because the appearance of freddy seems old and withered in the same way as springtrap. this game atm looks like it cant take place at fredbear family diner because that freddy was gold, not brown. and if it took place in the original restaurant you'd expect freddy to look a bit newer and not worn down so much. and as a random guess i think freddy might be the main antagonist again considering he was the poster boy of the first 2 games but was used in no promotions/clues (or even game icon) for the 3rd which was almost exclusively springtrap. and now he's being used for the cover of this game. however the main question is how does this fit with the FNAF storyline? as in the 3rd game all the children's souls have been freed.
TF2 australium weapons ideas by thelakotanoid1
TF2 australium weapons ideas
doing some stuff in gimp and i wanted to see what some weapons would look like as aussies. *i would love to see all of these become australiums but i know already the vitasaw is most likely never going to happen*
Golden Background by thelakotanoid1
Golden Background
this is the tf2 spray-background-thing i just posted but without my avatar. free to use, just credit me if you want 2 edit it. (it took some work to make the golden sentry color, but i like how it turned out c: )
my new tf2 avatar/spray by thelakotanoid1
my new tf2 avatar/spray
if you havnt guessed already, my steam name is preyas man the demopan. and before you ask, no. i dont have an australium minigun, golden wrench, or a golden pan, i just wanted this to be flashy. on another note: im thinking of possibly changing my identity from thelakotanoid1 to preyas man the demopan. i feel more connected with that one than this. i've been thinking about this for at least 3 months now. what do you guys think?
a small preview of what i've been working on. by thelakotanoid1
a small preview of what i've been working on.
i've made allot of posts recently and very few people joined. most likely cause im not very popular, im lazy on DA, and nobody knows what im even doing. well, for that last point i'm showing you a small preview showing a part of the things im doing. this will also be a joined effort with Youmyon. check out her work when you can it's pretty good ^^. part of what we're doign is im making the models, and she'll be working on the background for them. we'll also both post them on DA so you can see them on either profile. stay tuned and watch for the invasion ;)
Loading... im note sure what to say, but im model making again.


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United States

adventurer, explorer, treasure hunter, most epic minecraft user ever, all words used to describe me! hello, i'm thelakotanoid1, but you can all call me thelak, i make many different things i like 2 show u pplz, i make minecraft fanart, custom skins, and working on 8-bit sprite art , my computer is crap so i cant get gimp or any good programs till i get a new one :/, so till then all i got is windows paint. but if u got anything 2 say please say it. any suggestions for minecraft skins, please let me know and i'll think about making it , got server ip's please post it and i'll give it a look :). i'm also working on a comic called "PRINCESS OF THE END" with blueshadow54, a good friend of mine.

p.s. please give me credit if u use my skins, thanks :)

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